Our Story

Founder/CEO, Kylie McCarthy, spent six years at a traditional private equity firm before leaving to create Marina Jean Capital and its first development project Little Pipes Ranch.

Her mission is to create beautiful spaces that allow guests to connect with not only nature, but the community and each other in a deeper, more sustainable way.

How we are doing this:

2% Pledge - We are pledging two percent of all net profits go to the Marina Jean Foundation, which donates to local environmental and community support initiatives including the national park system, local school system & more. If you have a local charity you would like to be included. Please send us an email with the charity name and information.

Net Zero Homes - All the properties are "Net Zero" meaning they produce equal or more energy than they consume. We are able to achieve this with our Tesla Solar Roofs and Tesla Powerwalls.

Biophilic Design - Our lighting, color schemes and material selection all work to make you feel more connected to nature even when indoors.

80% Recycled Metal - Each home is made of 80% recycled metal. Metal has one of the highest recyclable rates of any building material making it one of the most sustainable options for construction.

Sustainable Construction - Around 40% of landfill waste comes from traditional construction methods. Our construction methods reduce that waste by up to 90%, thanks to off-site construction.

We whole-heartedly thank you for each time you choose to stay with us and support our mission!

With Love & Gratitude,

The Little Pipes Ranch Team